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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Women in Economics Symposium

Here is a link to the morning session of the Women in Finance Symposium held by the US Department of the Treasury on March 29, 2010. You can find the link to the afternoon session at this link too. What is interesting to this blog and all of us in general is that the discussion at one point revolved around where and when do we learn about individual economic practices, and the women on the panel said "home". There was also the inclusion of family as the reason maybe for budgeting, and it was recognized how women are most often in charge of the household budget.

C-SPAN Women in Finance Symposium

I would also like to suggest that you watch the introduction by Timothy Geithner when he says that when women are put on boards of companies, those businesses do better than others financially. What is this transition of what women learn at home, and what they contribute in the workplace to financial activities, success, and accepted practices?

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