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Saturday, January 17, 2009

How to Make Butter

Ever wonder where your butter comes from? A huge portion of cheap commercial butter is made from butter and milk products imported from other countries, especially Europe. Well, that is silly, since we have hundreds of thousands of displaced farmers right here in the U.S. that could be producing our own milk and butter. So, since you just can't be sure, strive to find milk that is truly from a local dairy. I'm lucky to have found Snowville Creamery for my dairy needs, a true Ohio dairy where the land, cows, and people aren't outsourced.

Plus, bringing in dairy products from other countries is not helping environmental issues due to the excess use of fuels to transport it. So, making your own butter is "greener".

Here is how to make your own Made in America butter:

1. In a food processor with a typical metal blade, pour in some whipping cream.
2. Run the processor until the fat separates into a chunk from the buttermilk.
3. Scoop out the butter into a bowl, and press out the remaining buttermilk.
4. Done.

Keep the buttermilk to make fresh biscuits, or just drink it. Add a bit of salt to the cream before whipping it if you want. You can add maple syrup, garlic, or herbs as well if you want to spice it up! It's that freakin' easy!

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