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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Liberating Home Economics

Home Economics. I define it as the social and material practices that humans establish in the acquisition and processing of resources for living. Economy is about material usage; home economy is about how this plays out in a home. This blog is dedicated to sharing all information and knowledge about home economics in an attempt to raise awareness about historical and contemporary practices, and to establish information that people will find relevant in order for them to take action in liberating themselves, their homes, and the Earth's resources. The establishment of this blog on Liberating Home Economics is built upon multiple meanings.

First, home economics needs to be liberated from a marginalized space in our world, and should be afforded every opportunity to become what early home economists expected it to be - the center of our social actions. We should act to do the liberating.

Second, we as a people need to realize how we are liberated through home economy practices. When we take ownership of our practices, material productions, and social and educational development, we reintegrate ourselves with the Earth, resources, and emotions that breakdown the greed that is harmful and destructive.

Third, the home needs liberating from the oppressive consumption patterns of modern globalized material usage.

Welcome, and please feel free to contribute to your own liberation!

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